Digital Marketing Services

We Use The Following Digital Marketing Services Channels
To Skyrocket Your Business

Manual Outreach: ColdĀ  Email / Cold Calling

This option is one of the fastest ways to get new B2B clients

This channel consists of:

  • Identifying specific market targets
  • In-depth research of target
  • Locating decision makers
  • Creating a custom approach for each target
  • Setting meetings or intro calls

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

PPC is another way to acquire immediate leads, sales and ROI.

This channel consists of:

  • Creation of customized, product or service focused landing pages
  • Ad campaign management for Facebook, Google & Bing
  • Daily A B testing and optimization of new ads

SEO (Search Engine Optimization Services)

SEO allows your website to be found on Google for popular search phrases

This channel consists of:

  • A website audit
  • Optimization of H1 tags, page titles
  • Conversion rate optimization recommendations
  • Infographics & link magnets
  • Custom topic related ad sponsorship
  • Manual website / blog outreach
  • Industry related directory selection & optimization
  • Google Map integration & optimization

Social Media Marketing

Let the power of Facebook sell your product or services

This channel consists of:

  • Creating custom audiences based on behavior & interests
  • Creating custom landing pages for high conversions
  • A / B testing of ad creatives
  • All aspects of managing Facebook ad campaigns

Partnership Outreach

Generate sales fast by building strategic partnerships

This channel consists of:

  • Analyzing who your business can create a synergy working with
  • In-depth market research to find suitable candidates
  • Manual phone / email outreach
  • Setting of meetings or intro call

Content Marketing

We promote your content around the web

This channel consists of:

  • Creating and/or using your existing relevant content
  • Distributing the content across platforms that reach your target audience
  • Building consumer product trust
  • Attracting leads from a targeted base

Reputation Management

Suppress negative press online

This channel consists of:

  • Identifying any negative news stories, posts or reviews
  • Promoting & optimizing any positive company news or press
  • Issuing DMCA takedown notices
  • Suppressing negative press from the 1st page of Google