6 solid Dental Marketing Methods You Need to Follow

Every dentist knows how important dental marketing really is. It helps attract new patients and strengthens relationships with existing patients as well. Simply put, it’s necessary if you plan to flourish in your respective market. It is not hard to understand how important marketing is for your dental practice. What is hard though, is to determine precisely how to market your dental practice.

There is a wide assortment of strategies available and it’s sometimes challenging to determine which one is more important than the other. For majority of dentists though, a mix of a number of distinct dental marketing techniques yields the optimum results.

Don’t know where to begin? Here are 6 of the best dental marketing techniques you can use:

  • Become Engaged with the Community

Dentistry, by its nature, is a local trade. It therefore relies greatly on the local community to garner patients. For this reason, it’s important that you become engaged with your community. Getting involved comes in different forms from participating in events to supporting a local kid’s basketball team. Or you can offer a free course about dental cleanliness at an elementary school or impart what you have learned at a community college or University. In the end, you want to develop relationships directly.

Doing these kinds of activities can help you build a good impression and offers you the opportunity to become involved in some personal and word of mouth marketing.

  • Establish a Community in Social Media

Social media is a great tool to connect with prospective clients and develop or nurture relationships. You can say the same for existing patients as well. Every time a person follows you in social media, that person will not just receive a single update from you every half a year. That person will get regular updates for the entire year. Facebook is a great place for dental marketing. You can use it to establish an online community for you patients.

Aside from getting informed and creating buzz, you can likewise offer information (which includes your contact info). Moreover, you have the freedom to gather feedback from existing patients. And you can do all these for free!

  • Emphasize Local SEO

SEO for every important dental terminology can be beneficial to your profession. However, local keywords are the key to attracting new clients. Besides, it doesn’t matter if a patient from Chicago stumbles upon your website if your dental clinic is based in Los Angeles.

With that being said, dental marketing is primarily about local SEO.  So what you want to do is to rank on keywords such as “Los Angeles dentist” as opposed to simply “dentist”. This will not just benefit you in finding your target audience who are using these keywords in Google or any other search engine, it likewise gives you an advantage in voice search, where your prospective clients are asking Siri or Alexa for a local dentist “near me”.

  • Develop a solid, properly-designed website

7 times out of 10, the first time a prospect makes contact with you is through your website. For this reason, it’s important to make a strong first impression. Your website must appear professional, be properly organized for seamless navigation, and be detailed in every information it provides.

  • Utilize Content Marketing to Provide Value

Content marketing involves the use of content such as blogs or eBooks to direct viewers to your website. It can also be sued to develop relationships with your visitors and ultimately turn them into patients. On-site marketing like blog posts and FAQ (frequently asked questions) offers you the chance to constantly integrate fresh content to your website, improving your ranking and driving additional traffic.

  • Do Adwords Campaign

Google AdWords is a solid pay-per click system which gives you the freedom to display your advertisement to internet users who search for particular keywords. In case online users are searching for “Austin dentist,” your advertisement for your Austin dental clinic may appear right in front of their screens.

Once you use AdWords, you surely need to target location-centered keywords so as to improve the relevance of your advertisement placements. Take advantage of images and headlines to draw attention on exclusive offers or other highlights of your dental business that makes you stand out.