Dental Marketing

What every Dental Marketing Plan should include

In order for a business to succeed, marketing is crucial. The same can be said for dental practices. Think about this for a moment. For a dental clinic or business to thrive, a dentist must see twenty five to fifty new patients every month. So a dentist can bring in new patients, he needs to provide good service at a reasonable price together with good-quality experience. And all these must be supported by an effective dental marketing plan that includes:

  • Postcards & Mailed Offers

Dental practitioners hold a significant edge over a lot of other businesses. And that is the fact that they are aware that their prospect clients are locally based. For this reason, the moment you deliver post cards or mailed offers to individuals inside a fixed radius of your clinic, you are aware that you are sure to hit your target customers.

Aside from handing out postcards now and then to draw in new patients, there are a few extra techniques you can take advantage of to target certain exclusively prospective patients:

  • Delivering brochures regarding chic dental operations to high-earning areas, where it’s highly likely for households to pay for them.


  • Attaching a flyer that features a discount in the welcome package delivered to new households following their change of residence. In case they have just recently transferred to the neighbourhood, then they surely do not have a dentist thus far.



  • Appointment Reminders

Expanding your business is not simply about bringing in new patients. Sustaining your relationship with existing patients is just as important. Let them know that they matter to your by giving them appointment reminders or reminding them of any scheduled appointment ahead of time.

Appointment reminders can either be:

  • Email messages
  • Text messages
  • Phone calls (you may want to consider this as a last resort)
  • Post cards (you face the risk of them getting ‘misplaced or late in the mail)

Numerous dentists utilize a mix of physical reminders, such as postcards, along with digital reminders such as emails or texts.

  • News Letters

A newsletter is somewhat identical to content marketing. The only big difference is that the blog post is sent directly to the inbox of your patient. This dental marketing approach involves reaching out to potential patients as opposed to being hopeful that they’d come to search for you. Your newsletter must have snippets of valuable info that your target audience wishes to see. Because if they do not, then your newsletter will quickly become unsubscribed in no time.

Once you send a newsletter, it would be wise to request patients to opt-in. And don’t forget to deliver it occasionally so none of your prospects will deem it as spam. Remember, if you send something of good value, people would be glad to read it in their inbox.

  • Remarketing Efforts

Remarketing involves interacting with those that you already share a relationship with. The goal is to try and make them do a certain action. Remarketing can be used to compel people to sign up for a regular check-up or to reach prospective patients who viewed your website but did not convert.

Facebook Ads is among the most effective tools for remarketing. It gives you the freedom to remarket based on certain activities made on your website or by uploading custom audiences. You even have the power to utilize remarketing as a promotional machinery for new products or luxury operations to existing customers.

  • Diversify Your Keywords

As you may already know, keyword research is important if you plan on positioning your site on the top rankings of search engines.  Now although you must certainly be putting special emphasis on essential keywords such as “Seattle dentist,” you must also be creative as well. This means that you should diversify your keywords. The more you diversify, the more you increase your chances of reaching a wider audience and consequently your chances of attracting potential patients.

Trying to take into account emergency keywords, for instance, is a great way to go. “Emergency wisdom tooth removal,” and “emergency broken tooth” are some superb examples. You even have the option to rank for keywords like “dentist open on weekends.”

Remember, all kinds of emergency services have a better chance of being found via voice search. You want to modify the keyword in view of that.