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Hi Nathan,

I went ahead and checked out your website to see how well it was ranking in Google’s search results. However, at this time you are not currently being seen for any of your industry related key phrases.

After doing a quick search for  “Psychotherapy Chicago” we found some of your competitors just to get an idea of how much online traffic is normal for the local Chicago market. We have listed them below for you to compare with your site. But you should be getting at least 200 visitors a month.

Your Website

Your website is listed here. And, it shows how much traffic or visitors land on your website currently.

Competitor 1

This a local competitor who is currently receiving about 550 visitors per month across 359 key phrases.

Competitor 2

Here is another competitor who is getting nearly 200 visitors per month from Google for 233 key phrases.

Ultimately, optimizing your website is the best option for long term growth within the local Chicago market. As you can see from your competitor’s traffic, you would be attracting at least 200-400 monthly visitors once your website is optimized properly.

Competitor 3

Here is the #3 competitor who is getting at least 221 visitors per month from Google for 402 key phrases.

Top Key Phrases For Your Business


Your Google Map Location

You don’t currently have a “Google Map Location“. This map location should show up when people type in “Psychotherapy Chicago“.

There are hundreds of searches a month just for the key phrase “Psychotherapy Chicago“. So again, you’re missing out on a lot of visitors and potential clients by not being visible to people who are searching for your services.


Your Map Location Needs:

  • To be created
  • Citations created for it
  • It’s title tags to be optimized
  • It’s category to be optimized
  • It’s profile completed

Just by having your Google Map Location show up in the top  3 would probably generate you 50-100 visitors a month.

Search Placement Options

This image shows the different places you want your website to appear.

The 1st is the Google Map Location

And the 2nd is the Organic Search Results.

You would use a PPC campaign for immediate visitors & clients. (start getting calls within 7 days)

The Google Map Location takes about 90 days to get consistent results from once its in the top 3 spots on the page.

If you want to show up on page 1 of Google for top key phrases, you need SEO or search engine optimization for your website.


There is a significant amount of monthly searches for “Psychotherapy & Psychotherapist” related key phrases in the local Chicago area.  Unfortunately, your website is not benefiting from any of this traffic due to it being under optimized and not having a optimized Google Map Location .

Fact: Most online searchers don’t go past the 1st page of Google. This is where 90% of the search traffic is divided up among the top 10 websites.  If you want to grow your practice, you need to be on the 1st page of results for several key phrases.

If you were to implement a keyword focused digital marketing plan, your website would gain greater visibility by showing up in the search results for many terms that people are actively using to find Psychotherapy in Chicago.


Plan of Action

As a plan of action, I recommend utilizing a 3 prong  approach:

  • Create and Optimize a Google Map Location
  • Optimizing Your Website to Rank For Multiple Terms
  • Creating a PPC Campaign (For Immediate Business)


This digital marketing plan will:

  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Get you new client leads within 7-10 days
  • Rank your website for multiple key phrases
  • Increase your monthly site visitors by 200-500
  • Grow your practice

Lastly, it’s important to note that before any digital marketing plan can be initiated we would need to address the issues discovered in the website audit.

Estimated Time To Complete Listed Services:

6 Months

Estimated Monthly Cost of Listed Services Performed:

$1870 per month


If you have any questions or to get started, just let me know.



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