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Over the years, a lot of work has been done in the plastic surgery SEO arena. There have been a lot of consultations, content creation, link building and technical SEO done for plastic surgery marketing. Many SEO companies have seen so many issues over the years that cause the cosmetic surgeons to lose online business and cost them money. If you want your plastic surgery website to rank well in Google, you need to make sure that key areas of SEO are not neglected.

All of these things sound pretty basic and simple but most plastic surgery businesses are too busy to stay on top of all the latest SEO trends. Oftentimes, Internet marketing is ever-changing and it needs to have a laser-focused strategy. You can look at some of the SEO mistakes and shortcomings that plastic surgery SEO businesses make.

The first mistake is creating a website that is not secured by SSL. Does your plastic surgery website have an SSL? An SSL helps make your website secure and the URLs will all show as HTTPS vs. HTTP. Now, why is this a problem? Some web browsers are now going to label your site “not secure” and show a warning. Chrome is one browser that does this. If there is a warning, people will not click through to your website. Imagine ranking well but there is literally a label warning people about visiting your website. To fix this mistake, work with your plastic surgery SEO consultant and web hosting company to implement SSL for your website.

Another common mistake is poor content or lack of content. If you want to rank for a specific medical procedure in Google then you better have content that is better than your competitors. A good example would be, if someone is looking into rhinoplasty, you need to answer nearly all of their questions. Examples of these questions are:

  • What is the procedure?
  • How long does it take?
  • Which doctor performs the procedure?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Where is it performed?
  • How long is recovery?
  • What should you expect?

These are the basic questions your content needs to answer. Potential customers want to see before and after pictures too. Gone are the days where you pay somebody overseas to write a 400-word article about your procedures and call it a day. Your content must be thorough and well-written. You need to strive to have superior content over your competitors. To remedy this mistake, if you have someone in your organization who has the knowledge and the time to create amazing content, use them. They can use ready-made outlines to begin with. However, if you do not have anyone with the time, a good plastic surgery SEO company can help.

Another mistake is inconsistent or missing local citations. Business citations are a big part of local SEO but a lot of businesses fail to handle this properly. It is important that your business has a consistent NAP or Name, Address, Phone throughout all business listing sites. One of the most common issues that are found is lack of consistency. A business could have moved, changed phone numbers, or for some reason have wrong information that has to be corrected. This is very important if you need to rank locally in the Google 3-pack. If you have multiple locations, make sure that every location listed has its own unique address and phone number for every listing. Search for all your local citations and audit each one. If there is correct information, contact the listing website to make corrections. Make sure you do not miss any because this will cause inconsistent issues with the search engines.

Lack of reviews or underestimating the value of reviews is also another mistake committed by plastic surgery SEO companies. Reviews can be tricky. Some websites discourage them like Yelp’s TOS while Google is not against them. Most companies rarely think of reviews as an SEO strategy but they actually are. Finally, a mistake committed by a lot of plastic surgery SEO companies is the lack of quality backlinks. Everyone knows you need links or backlinks to your website to gain visibility and authority but what they do not understand is that the backlinks must be of high quality.  For more details on medical or plastic sugery SEO at:

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