Seven Quick SEO Tips To Help Your Website Rank


SEO is all about using the right techniques and maximizing your chances of ranking.

The average website tends to fail because inferior solutions are used while optimizing everything. This leads to major issues with how Google or Bing’s algorithm responds to the website when it’s time to rank them. However, it’s all about changing things and adapting as soon as you can.

Here are the most important SEO tips to push your website higher up in the rankings.


1) Integrate Your Social Media Accounts

Start with social media because it is holding a tremendous amount of weight in modern SEO strategies. You want to make sure each social media account is linked to your website and is kept up-to-date as much as possible. If not, you are going to get into a situation where an entire subset of your target audience is ignored.

Loads of people use social media accounts and you want to engage as much as you can.


2) Don’t Ignore Local SEO

Local SEO is important especially if you are a small business.

For example, let’s imagine you are running a barber shop in New York. Why not target New York residents by going after local keywords related to the niche and area?

A good example of this would be something similar to “the best barber shop in NYC.”


3) Update Older Pages

Are your older pages not as relevant as they should be?

Sometimes, websites get better with time and that’s normal. However, this also means your SEO strategies have improved over time. Well, what are you going to do about the older pages?

You want to make sure those pages are updated with the best possible keywords and higher quality content. If not, you will get stuck in a situation where those older pages drag you down.


4) Find Broken Links

A website that was established 3+ years ago is going to have broken links. It happens to some of the biggest websites on the planet. However, Google and Bing do not like broken links because it takes away from the page’s quality. Visitors don’t like broken links and that is something Google/Bing will penalize you for.

As a result, you want to audit your website and make sure those links are either removed or replaced. The choice is yours but it has to be made.

Otherwise, the website is going to lose out on potential traction with the major search engines.


5) Understand the Power of Low-Hanging Fruit

Low-hanging fruit is the idea of taking things that are easier to reach. You want to be able to tap into low-hanging fruit in your SEO strategy. For example, you want to go after keywords that bring in 10-100 visitors every month. While this may not appeal to other people, it is going to add up after a while.

Let others struggle to reach those high-traffic keywords such as Digital Healthcare Marketing, etc. while you go after those low-hanging fruit. Over time, you will build a wonderful nest of targeted pages that bring in a fantastic amount of visitors to the website.

It’s all about staying patient.


6) Update Your URLs

URLs are always going to be important when it comes to SEO. You want to make sure the URLs are up-to-date for every single page on your website.

This means each URL should match with the keyword you’re targeting. Let’s imagine you are targeting the keyword “best acne treatment” and have written a guide for it. The URL should be something similar to “” because this will rank higher over the long-term.

You can make this change in seconds and it will help.


7) Stay Relevant

In the past, a lot of websites would put up fluff pieces and hope for the best. Yes, that may have worked in the early 2000s but isn’t going to cut it in the modern age of Google/Bing. In fact, this might become the reason for your website getting penalized by major search engines! Google and others don’t take spamming lightly and will realize when you’re putting up fluff.

This is why it’s best to stay relevant with the help of high-grade content.

Let’s assume you are a beauty website and want to target keywords associated with removing acne. It’s best to create a full-fledged guide on acne treatments rather than spamming a few keywords into your 500-word article. A well-written piece that’s informational will offer a tremendous amount of value to your SEO journey.


Final Thoughts

With these tips, you are going to be well on your way to ranking the website. Whether it’s beauty, fitness, or gardening, the goal has to be to make full use of your arsenal of tools.

The advice mentioned here is going to act as a stepping-stone towards building a legitimate strategy. Ranking your site is all about pinpointing what works, setting up a strategy, and progressing towards a meaningful solution.
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