Process & Pricing

All digital marketing projects start with the discovery phase.


The Discovery Phase Includes:

  • A discovery call to understand all nuances of the client’s submitted business information
  • Reviewing current marketing channels for effectiveness
  • Identifying top 10 competitors
  • Researching competitors to measure market gaps in (content, sponsorships, engagement etc.)
  • Market research for strategic partnerships for (white label opportunities and untapped industry synergies)
  • Conducting keyword research (to ascertain how most consumers are locating the top competitor’s product or service)
  • Researching low hanging fruit for PPC campaigns
  • Lastly, we craft an actionable digital marketing blueprint that yields the greatest ROI

Pricing FAQ's

How Do You Normally Charge For Your Services?

All of our digital marketing services are available separately as well as a bundled full digital marketing solution.

Adwords PPC campaigns start as low as $1,500 a month, plus ad spend.

Our local SEO plans start about $1,500 per month, reputation management campaigns range from $3,000 + per month.

What’s A Typical Marketing Budget for Smaller, Medium & larger companies?

Smaller companies normally invest between 2-5k per month in services, mid range sized firms invest around 6-10k and larger companies are typically in the 10k+ range for 12 month campaigns.

Who Owns The Discovery Research & Digital Marketing Plan?

After the discovery phase has been completed the client owns all of the market research, competitor intelligence and keyword data as well as the entire marketing plan. And you are free to implement the digital marketing plan on your own. It is the property of the client.

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