7 of the Best Dental Marketing Practices you should consider

Nowadays, more and more people are relying on the World Wide Web to find products and services near them. In fact, the latest studies point out that almost 9 out of ten consumers would rather Google local companies. One of these consumers could be a prospective patient who’s searching for a trustworthy dentist near him. If you lose any of these potential clients, it would surely be a tragedy.

With all that being said, dental marketing has never been more crucial in today’s day and age. How does your dental clinic fare against the competition? What differentiates your clinic from the rest in your locality? Are your employees more qualified than all the other clinics? The answers to these questions will determine whether or not you will succeed in your respective market and industry.

The Best Dental Marketing Practices We Recommend

There are 7 things you must consider to make sure that your dental marketing campaign is generating the results you want. They are:

  • Using Social Media the Right Way

The world we live in today is hyper-connected. Almost anyone can surf the web 24 hours a day because of tablets, portable computers and smartphones. And in this virtual realm, social media has become the centre of it all. Whether it involves the latest gossip, information about a certain product, service or celebrity, social media is currently the hub for internet users. Thus, if you wish to promote your profession and develop trust in your customers, the effective use of social media is the way to go.

  • Generate relevant content for your customers

Constantly generating excellent content that is relevant to your target market can help establish you as the leading dental authority in your locality. The types of content that you should focus on include blog posts, articles, videos and newsletters. A growing number of consumers are preferring businesses that provide educational and informative content. This means that if you fail to publish useful content on a regular basis, while your competition does, you will keep on losing potential clients.

  • Maximize short-term online advertising

 Generating good quality content helps improve your search engine rankings gradually. It’s also beneficial in educating clients on the advantages of proper oral hygiene and how you can help them out. With the emergence of social networks like Snaptchat though, a new brand of marketing has been born: ephemeral marketing. Taking advantage of Snapchat in a creative manner may benefit your dental marketing campaign by connecting with the younger generations. However, don’t forget to ensure that you understand what your market demographics are before your allocate any precious resource on it.

  • Emphasize on establishing long-term relationships with patients

You want to create lasting relationships with your patients. When it comes to dental marketing, this involves managing customer experience. The aim is to emphasize on nurturing trust and commitment by enhancing every interaction that happens with your clinic and your patients. All this should be done with the objective of cultivating your patient’s experience and meeting their expectations.

  • Create entertaining and meaningful videos

Next to Google, YouTube is the number one go to place for internet searchers. In fact, it’s projected that the American video sharing website garners three billion searches every month. Dental marketing however, doesn’t just entail publishing brief, educational video materials on YouTube. You want to make the most of every live streaming opportunity provided by YouTube Mobile Live Streaming, Periscope, and Facebook Live. And you should because they are basically free!

  • Optimize your site for mobile use

Is your site responsive? Simply put, has it been optimized for mobile use and search? A growing number of internet users these days are relying on mobile devices as opposed to laptops and personal computers. Making sure that consumers can seamlessly access and engage with your site using their mobile devices is crucial. Also, don’t forget to utilize call tracking and scoring.

  • Provide Satisfactory Service

Regardless if you employ the best dental marketing company available, it still won’t improve your business if you fail to meet your patients’ expectations! Never forget that dental marketing works in tandem with the flawless and appropriate operation of the clinic itself. Every dental clinic will agree on this.