How to get a bigger audience with your Doctor Marketing Blog

You have done the necessary steps and preparations prior to successfully launching your own doctor marketing blog. Following the second or third month however, you observe a plateau. Your existing blog readers are loving your content, but sessions continue to stay unchanged every month. You maintain a considerable list of subscribers. However, the early growth has diminished, with just a single or couple new additions.

Never allow these hindrances to interfere with your hard work. You will know below that there are actually numerous things you can do to expand the reach of your doctor marketing blog to a wider audience.

Optimize Content for Search

You are already aware or have an idea of what your audience are looking for or trying to know. So what kinds of search queries or phrases are they really typing on the search box to arrive at the answers they need?

With the help of a Search Engine Optimization company or lead generation team, you will find out what keywords and search queries to focus on your doctor marketing blog. If you are a cardiologist practicing in Chicago for example, “Cardiologist near Chicago” or “cardiologist in Chicago” may be something you want to target. Integrating these keywords and its variations (latent semantic indexing keywords) to your blog posts can improve your search rankings and your site’s organic traffic.

You can complement these SEO activities with other strategies too. These include enhancing your content to make it more readable, linking to credible sources and developing Meta descriptions that draw the interest of visitors.

Maximize Organic Social Efforts

About 4 out of ten doctors who use social media believe that it’s an effective way to access the latest and best quality medical information. For hospitals and clinics, this doesn’t just prove that it’s crucial to have a robust social media presence. There are also plenty of advantages once you integrate it in your blog posts.

Using HubSpot for instance, you have the freedom to automatically send a post with a link to your blog less than 20 minutes following the publication of a new post. You can also expand your promotional activities on past, relevant posts. In addition to that, you can use it to highlight any buzz-worthy topic.

For instance, if you want to promote wearable devices, you could make posts that read like “How Wearable Devices Promote a Healthy Lifestyle” or “Wearable Medical Devices & the IoT Movement.”

Creating a synergy between your doctor marketing blog and social media may also entail website updating. Integrating social media buttons that relate to your audience helps your content get shared. There are also tools such as Clicktotweet that gives you the opportunity to promote certain quotes.

 Take Advantage of Paid Promotions

With an online scenery that is getting more and more packed, paid media gives you that additional improvement so your doctor marketing blog gets noticed. Together with opportunities to connect with a whole new audience, you also have the freedom to engage back with past customers and clients.

Consider Facebook ads as an example. If you are a neurologist promoting your profession to parents whose children have multiple sclerosis, you can establish a main audience list around this job title. At the same time, you can account for other factors such as age, place of work, address and purchasing behaviors. Custom audiences, on the other hand, gives you the ability to nurture relationships with existing website visitors and close deals with prospects and current customers.

One other option that you can consider is Google ads. Once a prospective client searchers for any of your target keywords, your ad will become featured in the upper portion of the search engine results page. This helps you direct audiences back towards your website. You can say the same for Facebook. A captivating copy and regular optimization are both important in succeeding with these ad campaigns.

Position your Doctor Marketing Blog for Success

Always keep in mind that blogging is both an art and a science. Using the ideal mix of original, optimized content and ingenious strategies to expand your reach, your doctor marketing blog is poised to connect with your target audience and compel them to make an action.