The Importance of Creating Author Bylines in Hospital Marketing Blogs

With an abundance of readily available content online, becoming a trustworthy source is now more crucial than before. People are looking for credible information, especially regarding healthcare subjects. Creating an author byline makes your content appear more credible and trustworthy. It also provides healthcare practitioners the chance to engage with patients and prospective patients.

Doctors and other healthcare practitioners are making use of their knowledge to improve their online presence. They also use it to broadcast information regarding prevalent and rare conditions. There is an extensive array of hospital marketing blogs – from physician blogs regarding dealing with certain health conditions – that satisfy almost every personal need and interest.

Why it’s important for Hospital Marketing Blogs to have Author Bylines

The Author Rank in Google Improves Search Visibility

Google managed to address the need to offer readers with optimally trustworthy sources with the integration of Author Rank in its algorithm. Just like how websites and pages are ranked by Google, today, authors are ranked based on their authority. So it’s not just about how good and sensible your content is but also how reputable you are as an author.

In the healthcare world, doctors and other health practitioners can make use of their qualifications to become a credible source of health related knowledge online. This encourages good relations with readers who won’t become sceptical with the blog post they read compared to other posts without authors who work in the medical field. With an author byline, you are establishing the reality that the content was made by a person who’s properly connected and informed, both of which are crucial factors of Author Rank.

Make your Post more Credible

Majority of physicians start blogging to promote their services and make their profession stand out from the competition. It is a superb strategy to engage with patients and develop a community network to talk about health conditions.

Once a physician puts his name in the author byline, it makes the content more credible since physicians can offer their expertise to a problem and give out recommendations on how to approach that problem.

Physicians and other healthcare practitioners who engage in blogging must put not just their names and qualifications (cardiologist, M.D., Ph.D). They should likewise include their hospital or clinic address to make them even more credible as it shows that they are really licensed and active in their field. Because if you want to be known as someone who is credible, you need to be transparent.

Author Byline in Hospital Marketing Blogs

At the same time, those who write blogs regarding conditions they deal with on a regular basis or regarding problems like healthcare policies must be transparent and truthful regarding their symptoms or sentiments. Although these kinds of blog post do not essentially oblige you to reveal your name, entering a pen name is a great way for you to identify yourself with readers who regularly use your blog.

Important Reminders: Never forget to put a Blog Disclaimer

If you plan to use an author byline, it would be wise to put a disclaimer which safeguards you and your workers from any liability.

A disclaimer is especially beneficial if you are a healthcare practitioner who blogs. This allows your readers to become aware that your post must never be substituted for visiting a doctor if needed. It’s a straightforward means to state that the blog is based on your own opinion. Every information with regards to a certain condition may not be applicable to everyone.

Begin Blogging, but proceed with Care

Writing blogs related to health and healthcare is a superb way to ignite discussions regarding an array of topics. It also unites people with similar experiences and make them feel more comfortable knowing that there are others just like them.

If you plan to engage in healthcare blogging though, you need to proceed with care, particularly if you are a qualified professional. Putting an author byline instantly binds your words to you and your hospital or clinic. Although this makes you more credible, you must always bear in mind to continue to be ethical and attach a disclaimer on your post. Also, do not write something that specifically portrays a patient or health case. Finally, always remember to imbue your blogs with your own character so your audience can establish a connection with you. It also makes it easier for them to trust your information.