10 Facts About Digital Marketing

Each year, trends on the internet change in various and unexpected ways. Perhaps, it’s just the nature of advertising and the psychology of internet users to try new and fresh patterns that are constantly evolving and transforming. If you want to make money online, it is important to keep yourself updated every year with these trends and patterns.


  1. 82% of consumer internet traffic is mainly going to be video by 2021.

Cisco performed a very important study that predicted that by 2021 video is going to outshine all other media online. Many companies are anticipating and preparing for this prediction. The U.S. online video ad spending is said to reach $17 billion by year 2020. In preparation for this trend, marketers are advised to increase their investment in digital video.


  1. Mobile is going to take account for 72% of digital ad investments.

It has been, more or less, 10 years ever since the first iPhone was released and many companies are still not meeting the expectations of their mobile consumers. More data and information are still needed in this area of digital marketing. An average digital marketing agency is still prone to sloppy code, slow websites and aggressive advertising. Most people just live with it.


  1. 8 seconds is the average consumer attention span.

Based on an article by Time magazine, the average attention span of a goldfish is one second more than that of an average consumer. If you are going to look at this from the standpoint of metrics, a user is 106% more likely to have a higher bounce rate if the load speed of a website is 6 seconds. This means that your website has to be really attention-grabbing to decrease bounce rate.


  1. The average length of content in terms of words, ranking on the first page of Google results, is 1,890 words.

There is plenty of demand for visual content and long-form writing on the internet. Google still continues to give priority to its own ads though as well as products over organic listings but text ads do not exactly fit the criteria for voice-only searches. The age of voice search has already come but it should not replace text entirely.


  1. Millennials are predicted to comprise 1/3rd of the entire U.S. retail sales by 2020.

Today, there are an estimated 92 millennials in the U.S. alone, whose spending reaches $600 every year. This group, technically composed of 21-36 year-olds has overtaken the baby boomers in terms of population and is the most numerous generation in the U.S. today. Millennials are characterized to be resistant to traditional advertising and adopt new technologies very quickly. Through influencer marketing and social media, you can easily reach out to millennials.


  1. E-commerce customers who get several abandoned shopping cart emails have 2.4 times more probability of completing their purchase than those who only receive one email.

Email lists still continue to be among the most valuable owned commodities in marketing for product brands but relevance is also still the key to get good conversion rates and maximizing open ones. If you are persistent with emails, you will have a higher chance of getting good conversion rates than non-persistent email marketers. Make sure that you use excellently optimized forms though such as Leadformly.


  1. 75% of the whole marketing budget is going to digital marketing.

Whether it is a digital marketing agency or the company itself doing marketing, digital marketing is getting the bulk of the marketing budget. Based on a research by Salesforce, marketing executives are going to spend 3/4ths of their marketing budget on digital marketing and only 1/4th on traditional marketing by 2021. In 2011, only 62% of marketing budget was spent on digital marketing which means this type of marketing is still seeing growth.


  1. Websites that use videos have 4.8% conversion rates while website that don’t only convert at 2.9%.

Because of companies that take conversion optimization seriously, mobile conversion rates can now be at par with the conversion rates of other devices. There is still a long way to go for online businesses in maximizing sales but they are certainly heading in the right direction.


  1. Google and Facebook have more earnings in ads compared to traditional media.

Social media marketing is led by the $117 combined ad revenue of Google and Facebook. This is more than the revenue of every magazine, newspaper and radio combined. This is mainly due to the purchasing power of millennials.


  1. Content marketing has 62% less costs compared to traditional marketing and creates 3 times more leads.

Companies that invest in content marketing see the benefits of the strategy but only few believe they are really seeing the full potential of content marketing. There is still room for growth in this arena and execution of content marketing is still a challenge.


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