5 Digital Marketing Tips

What is digital marketing really all about? What’s the reason why it has become so crucial in this modern day and age? The reason is pretty simple: it’s because humans are inherently social creatures. An integral part in socialising is sharing. This may involve the sharing of views, notions, resources, or just the sharing of emotions. It’s due to this fundamental human nature that social media sites like Facebook and Instagram have become extremely popular.

Now that the world has become “smaller” and people are now closer than ever, it’s imperative for businesses to adapt in this new landscape if they want to thrive. That is, adapting to the more recent techniques and strategies in marketing products and services. Here are 5 tips in digital marketing that can help get going:

  • Develop Effective Social Media Presence

Social media can create all sorts of marketing wonders to any business and companies can harness this amazing power to launch their products/services to new and greater heights. Basic modifications such as creating appealing blog titles and sharing relevant content on Facebook can already help you separate from the rest of the competition.

Create original content that is interesting and relevant to your target audience and share them on your social media platforms. Images that have valuable themes and videos that have striking meanings, can likewise aid you in connecting with your audience.

  • Utilize Ads Manager in managing you Facebook Ads

Are you taking advantage of Facebook to market your business? If you are, then it’s important to note that advertising is now vital to garner some sort of reach.  And in case you are making use of Facebook Ads the right way, i.e. trying out various ads and focusing on your target customers, you will achieve greater results through Ads Manager.

The free ad management tool from Facebook can be enhanced for Google Chrome use as well. There are numerous advantages that you can expect to enjoy from its Power Editor such as optimised bidding, straightforward custom audiences, better precision device targeting and a central image library to cater your ads.

  • Create a Notable Linked In Profile and use it for SEO

Creating a notable Linked In profile just involves integrating several symbols that will help it shine from the rest. There is no need to put much effort in it; simply adding some arrows and bullet points to your key proficiencies is already enough to let clients know what your business is about. In fact, there are plenty of symbols that you can easily copy and paste on your Linked In Profile.

Aside from that, you can also use Linked In for Search Engine Optimization. By using basic SEO techniques, such as customizing web links from your profile towards your business’s site, you are already creating an opportunity for significant back-links to channel on your website.

If you wish to integrate website links on your Linked In profile, use Linked In’s default text ‘my website’, although you have the freedom to modify the text – for instance, marketing agency – to provide your site with a bit of SEO improvement. So you can go about this, edit your Contact Details and choose “other” for website, then simply change the description text.


  • Let your email subscribers know that they matter by creating auto-responders

Are you requesting website visitors and users to sign up on your newsletter or bulletin? If you are, then it would be ideal to let them known instantly via email that you are thankful for their decision to sign up and then provide them with something valuable, to demonstrate your commitment towards them.

Email marketing tools allow you to set-up numerous auto-responders, which gives you the ability to send a personalized welcome email to your subscribers – maybe with an interesting free offer attached to it– the moment they sign up to your newsletter or bulletin.

  • Take advantage of remarketing

Unfamiliar with the idea of “re-marketing”? Essentially, re-marketing means targeting people that are already part of your marketing list. They could be existing website visitors and users, your email contacts, and social media followers and friends.

Every chief advertising tool today, which includes Google Ads, provides re-marketing (Facebook pertains to it as Custom Audiences). Remarketing is already proven to provide better returns compared to standard online advertising for a lesser price. Try exploring the Constant Contact market place for a number of tools that will help you efficiently retarget your existing email contacts.


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