6 Things a Digital Marketing Agency Should Know



“The devil is in the details” and if you want to succeed in your digital marketing endeavours, then you need to put a special emphasis on the “little things”. In recent years, digital marketing has already made a dramatic transformation and the level of competition has just become even fiercer not to mention that there are now more players involved in the industry. With that being said, you don’t want to make a foolish mistake that would cost you both in the long- and short-run or use outdated techniques and strategies that no longer work or are no longer as effective, leaving you behind from the rest of the competition. So here are 6 things that someone who is involved in digital marketing ought to know:

  • Creating a robust company blog which provides genuine value to customers is essential.

So you can continually connect with your target customers, it’s important to invest in creating a strong company blog that provides authentic value to your audience. You can do this by utilizing effective keyword research, actively engaging in social media, analysing reports from customer service staff and customer surveys to determine customer inquiries, and then using your blog as a platform that provides the answers.

Do not put too much emphasis on the quantity of your blog posts that you begin to lose sight on their quality. Both Google and your target audience do not care on the amount of blog posts you have made – they are searching for content that is useful, interesting and provides genuine value. Emphasise in generating high quality blog content and you will surely be rewarded.

  • It’s important to focus on customer experience

This involves identifying your audience and determining what it is exactly they are looking for and having trouble with and the ways in which you can provide solutions on them. Next – something that should be part of any marketing endeavour that you do – is to put your customers at the heart of everything that you do and to see things from their perspective.

You must also ensure that your website provides superb experience for mobile users. Mobile usage is still surging – 93 percent of online users surf the web through the use of a mobile device and tend to prefer websites that offer a mobile-friendly experience. Be sure that your website caters one.

  • Make sure to use more video on your digital marketing campaigns

Video marketing is currently a big hit with consumers making it a crucial tool for digital marketers. As a matter of fact, almost 90 percent of digital marketers take advantage of videos to connect with their target audience and businesses that follow video marketing enjoy nearly 50 percent quicker ROI compared to businesses that do not.

Live video is extremely popular with internet and mobile audiences as well and it has grown by as much as 80 percent from 2015 to 2016. Facebook revealed that its users have spent 3x more time viewing live video feed compared to pre-recorded ones, and have also commented 10x more.

  • You need to have a sound plan in place

Your business won’t last long if it follows an ambiguous plan. It’s imperative for digital marketers to realize this and come up with a unique plan to propel their business to success. While it is indeed a fact that Search Engine Optimization is vital, it is likewise essential to come up with the right digital marketing plans.

Your digital marketing plan must be designed in a way that it is tailored to the personal needs and convenience of your customers. You must determine who your target audience are and what kind of marketing strategy you can use to reach them.

  • Always make Customer Privacy a priority

You are responsible for the information of every single person who agreed to sign up on your mailing list. For a digital marketer, it demands respect and responsibility. Never become involved in any illegal revenue generating activity that involves the peddling of customer mailing lists to third party companies. Digital marketing ethics must be followed above anything else.

  • Never take email for granted

Although it’s not the latest nor the most popular digital marketing strategy, it still provides arguably the best return on investment. Based on a study conducted by the Email Marketing Industry Census in 2017, it revealed that email marketing delivered the best ROI in all types of marketing platforms, with almost ¾ of email marketers disclosing that email ROI was “excellent” or “good”. Put a strong emphasis in making engaging email promotions that follow a concise objective for your business and an enticing value offer for your customers.


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