8 Examples of Good Healthcare Marketing

With the right execution, healthcare marketing becomes more than just improving brand awareness. It improves compliance of patients, provides value to patient-doctor relationships and give better health results. Sometimes, a healthcare organization makes a stunning content piece, launches a certain kind of clever social media campaign or proves to the world that they can target their audience well. Here are a few examples of successful healthcare marketing:


  1. Carilion Clinic

Many years back, in an effort to raise awareness about breast cancer and the necessity for early detection, Carilion Clinic of the Roanoke Valley of Virginia began a “Yes, Mamm” campaign. The campaign used the #YESMAMM hashtag to respond to breast cancer questions using Twitterchat. This drove huge traffic to the Carilion Clinic website and encouraged women to make appointments in their screening locations. The #YESMAMM campaign shows how a simple hashtag campaign can drive good traffic and even start a movement.


  1. Cleveland Clinic’s Health Essentials blog

If you ask any healthcare marketing expert about what starts success in a healthcare marketing campaign, they are probably going to tell you that it begins with what readers want to learn. A good example of this point is a health essentials blog by Cleveland Clinic. The great thing about the blog is that it does not beat around the bush and their content marketing is pretty straightforward. The information also comes from experts in health topics. Some experts include Betul Hatipoglu and Lindsay Malone.


  1. Medical Realities

With the use of VR technology, Medical Realities gives users a very realistic and immersive experience in surgery and brings them directly in the operating room world through a 360-degree camera. Through first-hand exposure, viewers venture to a world created and controlled by Medical Realities and can be viewed by everyone. Medical Realities is a good example of what video marketing can do and the power of videos to capture the attention of patients and site visitors.


  1. New York Presbyterian Hospital

The example of this hospital is shown through patient stories that captivate audiences and patients. Storytelling is really a blessing for many businesses today especially for their brands. Healthcare marketing has been a beneficiary of this blessing because uplifting stories of patients that have survived illnesses and saved by medical centers is really great for patients worldwide. With the use of video marketing strategy, New York Presbyterian Hospital has found great use for this concept.


  1. Howard Luks’ videos

Video is really a powerful tool for reaching out to your patients and your audience. According to a survey, it is the top type of content that people want to see. Based on a research by PwC, 1/4th of consumers going through health information on social media stop just to watch health-related videos. Although it might be more difficult than written content to create, videos have huge pay-offs in the long run. Dr. Howard Luks, a New York-based orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine expert made use of this and began a YouTube channel in 2011. Today he has more than 2000 subscribers.


  1. Mayo Clinic Campaign

The objective of the Mayo Clinic campaign is to get there many different patients into a global online community. The healthcare marketing campaign also uses stories from patients, Mayo clinic staff and family members. These stories are said to be very inspiring. The campaign improved Mayo clinic’s popular reputation as a trusted healthcare provider. By enhancing content, Mayo Clinic was able to make use of one of the effective tools of healthcare marketing. The success of the campaign mainly comes from different global followers and informative blogs.


  1. Better Me, Better World Campaign by Philips

Most people love a campaign that wants to make a difference in the world. Philips launched a Better Me, Better World campaign in 2017 which allowed customers to acquire special benefits while giving them the chance to support global healthcare causes at the same time through the Philips Foundation. Philips has 3 billion people per year supporting them until 2015 and offers a range of causes from at risk mothers to caring for children and helping children who have cleft palates.


  1. We Dare You Campaign by UnitedHealthcare

This campaign is a multi-award winner. It serves as a gold standard for the possibilities that healthcare organizations can do when they engage the public. They have monthly quizzes, dares and prizes on their website to encourage and motivate followers to make a single healthy change every month and document them on social media. It fostered healthier habits from their followers and created an interactive online community of loyalists.