Digital Marketing Optimization

Digital marketing optimization is a focus on improving the efficiency as well as the effectiveness of key digital marketing activities through the full range of digital marketing channels and experiences that businesses need to manage. Adobe’s digital optimization survey has an average conversion rate of 2.6%. 20% of companies however, have a conversion rate higher than 4.5%. The question then is how these companies achieved such a high conversion rate. They must have digital marketing optimization techniques that truly work. Here are a few things we learned from the 20%:

  1. Base your decisions on testing

Testing is very effective and it is not surprising that companies with high conversion rates use testing. 70% of the companies who are at the top of the conversion rates ladder employ testing in different ways. 46% of those who did not make it to the top use testing. This means that majority do not use testing which is why they did not make it to the top.

  1. Make sure that you apportion some of your resources for optimization

Optimization is worth the risk as companies that have a culture of optimization and testing, find that budget is quite easy to allocate as ROI improves easily and have a significant room for testing and optimization. The top 20% performing companies have a 54% more chance that they are likely to devote more than 5% of their budgets to many optimization projects. Here, you can opt to hire a digital marketing agency for your digital marketing.

  1. Create content that targets accurately

For those who are at the top 20%, there is a 43% bigger chance that they make several kinds of accurate content targeting processes. These companies always find opportunities to personalize and make content that targets specific audiences or are going in that direction. More than 83% of these companies also use automation and data when they are targeting audiences.

  1. Make sure there is collaboration between your departments or employees

The companies that are at the top 20% have 88% more likelihood to involve other departments for contributions as well as expanding their testing and optimization efforts. Those who expanded their optimization started at the average 2.6% conversion rate and used optimization until they improved to the 4.3% conversion rate.

  1. Make sure your platforms are optimized for mobile

Mobile is now one of the main focus if not the main focus of digital marketing experts who optimize. For them, this digital channel is as important if not more important than other channels. 83% of the top 20% performing companies describe that mobile is very important to their conversion rates since 2014.

  1. Always collect and analyze marketing data

Digital marketing optimization, being a part of digital marketing can only be as good as the data that you gathered and analyzed. Do not simply rely on the data of others. You need to gather and analyze data on your own. Trends and patterns might be helpful but there are niche-specific data that you need to gather and analyze which can only be applicable to your own business.

  1. Always look for opportunities to automate

The success that you aim for depends on the details and human employees might miss out a lot of details that automated tools can easily identify. Also, automation is cheaper than human employees in the long run. Find areas in your digital campaign that can be automated and that do not require human judgment.


The online market is a very dynamic and changing place. Assuming that it will remain constant can cause the downfall of an online business in the face of tough competition. Digital marketing optimization allows room for your business to adapt to these changes and must be taken seriously.


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