Developing a Digital Marketing Strategy

A perfectly worked out strategy is needed before you start out any digital marketing campaign or project. The good thing about strategies is that they are quite heritable and a strategy for one project can be used as a strategy for another or bigger project. Strategies can also be like analogies where one strategy could be associated with another in different ways. Your first strategy therefore is very important in digital marketing as it could be incorporated in future strategies until it no longer works. Here is a start to developing a digital marketing strategy.

  1. Identify your customers and your objectives

For any marketing strategy whether it is digital or not, the first step is to identify your target audience and your goals. This comprises your niche and highlighting the customer personalities in this niche is part of targeting your audience and in fact, the first step in your plan. This can be done by researching, making surveys and interviewing the individuals in the niche. Make sure that you gather information firsthand and should be real data if possible because having a wrong assumption from the beginning could cause your digital marketing strategy to collapse later on.

  1. Know your tools, connections and resources

If the first step is knowing about your target, the second is knowing your capabilities and about yourself. You need to know the tools you need for digital marketing campaign as well as your resources. This is the part where you need to prepare a budget for your campaign. If you need a digital marketing agency for this part, you still need to know what their assessment is. In this part of the strategy, you need to know what media channels you already have as well as your connections. In digital marketing, this could be your social media profiles and your connections in these profiles.

  1. Prepare a 1 year outline for your activities

This part of your strategy is closely connected in a cyclical way with step two. The reason is that this step is dependent on how much money you have as well as your connections, assets, tools and resources. Make sure that what you have in mind is a single year. You might need to contact an accountant for this part as you should mainly consider your expenses and costs for a year and possibly some profit. This part also involves scheduling of your activities and tasks. Usually the scheduling is weekly.

  1. Create your first website

Any digital marketing strategy involves a website and creating your first one is very crucial. It is like creating your first fortification where you are going to launch future campaigns from. Depending on your budget and your skills, you may or may not hire a digital marketing agency for this part. This part is heavy on design, not just how your website looks but how it works.

  1. Conduct SEO

Your website is now complete and you already have a domain or a space in the world wide web. Your next task is to let your target customers know about by making it visible in the search engines. This is the part where you do SEO. This is also the part where you go back to the first step, your customers and your objectives. The reason for this is that SEO is heavy on keywords and customers’ intent. Your goal here is to drive traffic so that you rank 1st or in the top 5 in the major search engines such as Google and Bing.

  1. Content Marketing, PPC and Social Media Marketing

If SEO was meant to drive traffic to your website, this step is aimed at driving more traffic. You may want to hire an online writer or get a digital marketing agency in this step depending on your budget. Of course, you can do it yourself. You may also wan to do email marketing or video marketing here as this is limited to written content.

  1. Evaluate your campaign

A year has passed and you are probably getting some organic results. Use some time after one year to assess your strategy. You may want to devote a week for this, analyzing your whole plan from step 1 to step 6. Actually, what was outlined here is not just simply digital marketing strategy but actual digital marketing strategy, but you can never devise a strategy if you haven’t done digital marketing and your strategy should have changes as you do digital marketing.


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