Reaching Out to More People with a Medical Device Blog

Let’s say you have followed all of the good healthcare marketing practices before the launch of your medical device blog. Then after a few months from the launch, your growth starts to plateau. Visitors who are currently engaging your content remain the same and do not increase in number. You have a sufficient number of visitors but the number has stopped increasing with only about one or two additions. In other words, your growth has stagnated.

There are a number of ways to get out of this stagnation and you can start to reach out to a broader audience with a few simple solutions:

  1. Optimize your content for searching

This solution is the same as the method that you started with but what is most likely different here is the keywords that the readers use. It is not surprising that searchers use a different set of keywords to get content. You need to know what these new keywords are and only by doing SEO, keyword research or working with a demand generation team in healthcare marketing can you determine the new keywords and phrases. Naturally inserting these new keywords to your content as well as variants of the keywords can boost your search rankings and get organic traffic again.

  1. Making use of organic social efforts

For 67 percent of doctors who have social media accounts that are used professionally, more than 50% consider social media as a very effective tool to access up-to-date and high-quality information. For many medtech companies, this fact not only highlights the importance of having excellent social media presence but also the benefits it gives when you mix social media and blogging.

In platforms like Hubspot, you can have automated posts that have links to your blog content 15 minutes after publishing a new post. You can also have promotions extend to relevant and older posts that can be used to showcase topics that are worth talking about. You might also want to bring in the connection between medical blogs and social media through website updates. You can add social media buttons and use tools such as Clicktotweet to get opportunities of promoting certain quotes.

  1. Making use of paid promotions

If your growth has stagnated, it could probably be caused by stiff competition and too much crowding in your niche. Using paid media to boost your medical device blog can get you out of the stagnation. Together with chances to extend to a whole new audience, you can also engage with people who already have interacted with your brand. Consider Facebook ads for example. If you are a medical device manufacturer doing healthcare marketing to pulmonologists, you can use criteria such as age, workplace, purchase behaviors and location to categorize audience lists.

Custom audiences let you target audiences more specifically to get you inches closer to closing deals with current and prospective customers. Google ads is also another good paid media. If a prospect searches for your keywords, your ads can appear at the top of your search engines results page. This can help drive audiences back to your main website. Routine optimization and compelling copy pages are very important to make these ad campaigns succeed.

  1. Get quality backlinks

You can do this by creating guest blog posts or by doing linkbuilding with high quality articles through popular article directories. This might be considered as one of the most difficult parts of doing SEO but it is also among the most beneficial in terms of building relationships and making your brand well-established by driving new traffic to your blog. Guest blogging can also boost your domain authority which is another Google metric and increase where your pages rank in search engine results.

When you do this, try to focus on websites that are related to your industry. You can do this by doing a search for your industry and adding the word “blogs” to a Google search. You should come up with search results that will show you blog sites related to your website. Be ready to prepare email accounts to sign up to these sites though and also to sign up for article directories. This is mostly the reason why backlinking is very difficult because you have to set-up individual accounts.