Best Healthcare Marketing Ideas

Healthcare marketing whether it involves acquiring patients or making your business grow is on a constant need of healthcare marketing ideas. This can be quite a daunting and overwhelming undertaking. However, with the tough and still growing competition in the healthcare industry, you need to overcome this task and use creative healthcare marketing tactics that give you the bang for your buck and strengthen your relationships with patients. Here are some great healthcare marketing ideas that you might want to check out:

  1. Wellness Challenge

Encourage your patients to join a wellness challenge by your organization by sharing their stories on social media and tagging your organization with a branded hashtag. If you have the budget, you can even give prizes and rewards like gift cards to restaurants, free trials in local fitness centers or some gear and items that are health-related. This idea was utilized by United Health Care in their “We Dare You” campaign.


  1. Do a medical website SEO audit

With an SEO audit tool, you can do an audit on your website yourself from time to time. You can have a digital marketing agency do it for you but it is actually pretty simple to do it yourself. An SEO audit tool can give you interesting information such as website page speed scores and page load times. You can also check the websites linking to your website or the backlinks to your website. Keywords that make your website’s pages rank in Google are also available in the SEO audit tool.


  1. Use employee advocacy to strengthen relationships

More than any other industry, it can be said that the healthcare sector depends a lot on relationships. Getting sick can be quite scary sometimes and patients want to develop a comfortable relationship with their doctors. This is why it is very important to go beyond just branded pages if you are into healthcare marketing. If you are the head of a healthcare organization, your nurses, doctors and administrative staff are the ones who deal with patients all the time. Having an employee advocacy campaign like asking your staff advocates to link back to your page or post videos and tricks can help your organization.


  1. Learn a non-English language and offer help to the speakers

Sometimes healthcare marketing can become a dull project. You can light things up by learning a new language and offering help to those who speak that language. You can even encourage your healthcare marketing staff to do the same. Learning a new language can be challenging but it is always exciting and the human brain is always looking for fresh ideas. You may want to use this in your healthcare insurance market and develop relationships there.


  1. Improve the waiting room experience

Waiting room time is idle time for patients but it can be a great opportunity for you to build better relationships during these times. There is a high probability that during these times, patients have nothing on their minds in particular and so they are ready to pay attention to any brand messages and news that you give them. You can make use of bulletin boards, televisions and other media to promote your services, share your background and expertise and provide information about your organization. It is during these times that patients don’t mind getting distracted.


  1. Create stunning videos for your patients

You can promote yourself through YouTube or Facebook by making videos about your physicians, your organization or anything that you find quite interesting to share. Video is fast-becoming the future of healthcare marketing and a huge part of the internet world is jumping on the bandwagon. You can show medical conditions, patient stories and medical facts that can captivate the audience. It might sound like a college or university thing but it should be quite interesting to your patients.