Common Digital Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

It is said that a typical digital marketing agency spends 20 percent of their budget correcting common digital marketing mistakes that are made on huge projects and impact their ROI significantly. If you know what these mistakes are and how to avoid them from the very start of your marketing campaign, you can avoid needless expenses and increase your ROI. Here are a few common digital marketing mistakes:

  1. No clarity of digital marketing goals or audience

This is perhaps the first step in digital marketing yet it is also one of the most commonly missed. The world of digital marketing is not a perfect world and there have been countless failures along with successes. However, the simple mistake of not having a digital marketing goal or audience is one of the most fatal flaws that digital marketers make. Many digital marketers tend to slack at the start because they think that they should wait for the organic results to naturally grow first before getting serious instead of vigorously targeting a very specific audience from the start and sticking to it till the end. The result is that their campaign gets buried by their competitors and becomes saturated without focus and getting real results.

  1. Pushing instead of pulling

This mistake is perhaps the opposite of the first, because it stems from being too aggressive yet it is caused by the same flaw, not knowing your audience or your customers. Aggressive sellers might say otherwise, but time and again, these sellers have been proven wrong especially if they miss the most important thing in digital marketing which is your audience and your goals. If you don’ t know them enough, what they want, want they need then your campaign will fail to show the benefits of your product or services to your customers. Your customers might even think you are just desperately selling them something and no amount of advanced digital marketing technology can save your campaign. Instead of aggressively selling, you should be attracting customers or pulling them.

  1. Lack of documentation

Documentation here does not mean the legal contracts and papers that you have with you but the notes that you take during your digital marketing campaign. A digital marketing campaign is a very lengthy process and a standard one is going to take a year, on the average, for you to get any real results online. This is simply the nature of digital marketing. If you don’t document or take notes along the way, how can you possibly remember everything? How can you maneuver your strategies and your campaign, in case there are any major changes? If you don’t document everything, you will miss a lot and worse still, run blind with your digital marketing campaign.

  1. Focusing on eye candies instead of offers

Although design and visual appearance is a very important part of a website and digital marketing, it is not everything and it is not even the central point of digital marketing. The central point of digital marketing is the value that you offer your customers and how your products or services can make their lives better and make them happy. Having a website with stunning graphics is not a mistake and is in fact, commendable but focusing too much on that aspect is a mistake. Instead on focusing on offers and the value of your offers, too much visuals can become a distraction. Remember, the top sites like Google, YouTube, Facebook and Wikipedia have very simple visuals but people know the value that these sites offer.

  1. Not being patient enough for results

As mentioned earlier, it takes at least a year to get real results online, granted that you are consistent with your digital marketing campaign and daily tasks. Failing to realize this and not waiting for the results can cause a digital marketing agency to commit mistakes. These mistakes could be in the form of dumping too much unnecessary content, making wasteful changes that could cause website errors and making too many bad decisions based on anxiety. Results are called organic for a reason. They are comparable to farming and agriculture where you have to adhere to the seasons and not apply too much fertilizer or too many pesticides or planting more before the harvest season comes. If you need to make major changes, give your campaign the benefit of the doubt and wait for at least a year.



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